Friday, January 15, 2010

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Moving today

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Taking a drive

There are many times when I just sit around the house, clicking through flash games, staring at the television, or idly refreshing my Twitter page to see if anyone has posted something worth reading.

These lazy weekends are fun, of course. I don't mind being away from the stress of work. Sometimes, however, having nothing to do is more stressful than having a full inbox at three in the afternoon. This is why I am thankful for a gift my father gave me: The Appreciation of an afternoon drive.
I pull up Google Maps, and look out past the city limits. Then I pick a town out in the mountains and look up their chamber of commerce for things to do in the area. I grab my camera, some snacks and the GPS and hop in my Jeep.
The freedom of going out somewhere you've not been does not require a passport or Expedia reservations. Many times I've traveled only a few miles past the furthest I've been, and in only once instance has the road not been paved. There's nowhere to be, specifically, and usually the small restaurant on the corner is more entertaining than anything on the map. Driving in the countryside slows things down a lot. With no deadline, you don't need to speed, and it's okay to pull over and take pictures. Even if it's just your cell phone camera, it's something to remember. If you plan everything right, you'll be home in time to cook a real dinner and have a cold beer before bed.