Sunday, February 24, 2008

The News

In the news today we have a fight to beat John McCain. It's not a fight to decide who the best person for the Whitehouse is. It is in no way a debate over who would be best to lead this country and it's troops. It is a struggle over your gag reflex.
John McCain, prior service, POW, general ass-kicker, seems to scare the Democrats. Cool.
Vote for the party that doesn't focus on the faces.

In a brief comment regarding Senor Port's post, I think that they all just want to throw the shiniest things out there, because everyone knows America loves shiny.

Older news here, but still amusing. I, as a Marine, am seriously surprised that there was no physical action taken against this rare breed of uber-douche. But hey, I am glad this hippie lawyer is currently being throw all over the media... wait. No one covers anything that these idiots do. Only the Pendleton 8, the ones that [allegedly] commited war crimes, even though the 'allegedly' part isn't really important to newscasters, get airtime. Possible crimes against people who assist in the murders of my fellow servicemen versus actual crimes against persons who have volunteered for a lifestyle beyond what any recruiter will tell you about. I think this guy should get no jailtime, but be made to enlist in the Marine Corps and sent to boot camp (San Diego, of course). I got $5 sayin' he'd cry before getting on the bus.

Ah.. memories.

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